Participants develop an understanding of their stress response and the science behind the strategies employed in the program

BIO-DASH teaches life skills that can be used across multiple contexts

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What makes this program unique is that it incorporates the latest biofeedback technology. Biofeedback enables individuals to obtain real time information about internal processes such as brain activity and physiological functioning in response to established wellbeing strategies. Having tangible data about how specific strategies impact physiology heightens self-awareness and provides a deeper understanding of the processes involved in regulating emotions so that individuals can improve their ability to enhance concentration, manage stress and alleviate anxiety. 

The non-invasive biofeedback devices used within the program measure brain activity, respiration and skin conductance allowing individuals to see how their mental state and particular strategies can impact different physiological processes. This knowledge not only enables people to identify optimal strategies to target stress and enhance wellbeing but is more likely to lead to regular and sustained practice.


Gamification elements challenge users to improve their control over these internal processes and enhance wellbeing through competition, progressive levels and point scoring which help to maintain interest and enhance motivation. For example, one gameplay challenge involves transforming an icy, winter landscape, into a lush Summer scene. The more relaxed an individual becomes, the faster the scene transforms. Other gaming tasks mimic real world stressors like public speaking and competitive sport.



Walk the Walk

This app, a BIO-DASH initiative, was nominated as a finalist in the Australian Game Developers award, 2019​.