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 650 million
people worldwide have 
depression and/or

The prevalence of depression and anxiety has continually risen over the past few decades in Australia and worldwide. It is clear that we need new strategies to help people improve their mental health and wellbeing.  Much of the stress experienced by individuals is related to their everyday activities such as work expectations, issues associated with school or pressure performing on stage or on the sporting field. 


Some stress can be beneficial providing the drive or energy needed to get through situations such as a sporting competition, public speaking or exams. However, many people experience extreme stress (distress) or anxiety that can be detrimental to health and performance.

Learning skills to de-stress and maintain focus can alleviate anxiety and give people an edge that promotes optimal performance.

Reduced stress and anxiety can also lead to outcomes such as greater happiness, better relationships and increased collaborative behaviours.

Organisations such as workplaces, schools and sporting clubs are well placed to provide their staff, students or members with tools to help manage stress and can feel confident that they are choosing a credible and effective program when making such an investment. 

The BIO-DASH program has been developed using rigorous scientific research ensuring that every technique that is taught is evidence-based.  


Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick, from the Centre for Wellbeing Science at the University of Melbourne is one of the leading wellbeing experts in the world. Dianne created BIO-DASH ensuring that it is a carefully sequenced program based on the latest evidence from various scientific fields including sports, health and well-being science.  

BIO-DASH provides an excellent wellbeing program that teaches life skills that can be used across multiple contexts, whether it be for work, school, social situations, sport or performing arts. 



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