Work-related mental health problems are a major concern within workplaces.  Work-related stress is associated with high levels of staff turnover, absenteeism, poor work and poor product quality. On an individual level ongoing or excessive stress can be damaging to workers mental health and wellbeing. 

Organisations are recognising the importance of preventing and managing work-related stress. Taking steps towards improving staff wellbeing and helping them to regulate stress, increase focus and feel more motivated can lead to greater work satisfaction and better performance.


BIO-DASH provides organisations with an evidence-based program that can equip staff to deal with work pressures. 







Given that young people are often reticent to seek help from health professionals and much of the anxiety they experience  is related to school life, schools are well placed to equip students with wellbeing skills that go beyond counselling and pastoral care services.


Fortunately, many schools are recognising they have the potential to help their students to thrive and not just survive. Hence, providing young people with the tools to manage daily stress and anxiety and to live a fulfilling life is an important goal of schooling that complements academic achievement.

BIO-DASH provides schools with an innovative, engaging wellbeing tool that teaches students life skills they can use throughout their schooling and beyond.

Engaging in sport can have positive benefits for wellbeing, however, the competitive nature of the sporting world can create stress and pressure for athletes, coaches and sporting club members.


Sporting bodies have increasingly recognised the importance of prioritising athletes' wellbeing and the power of mental strategies to enhance performance. 


BIO-DASH complements athletes physical training by developing and improving their mental skills. Athletes learn a range of evidence-based techniques in an engaging and meaningful way to help them gain a mental edge in order to strive for peak performance and to improve wellbeing. 




Artistic performers have been reported to have 5 times the level of depression and 10 times the level of  anxiety compared with the general population.  Artistic performers experience a unique working environment where there is often a lack of job and financial security, shift work that impacts social availability and sleep, and pressure to perform at their best no matter how they are feeling. 


Rehearsals and performance can be demanding and stressful with pressure coming from many sources including audience expectations, coaches and directors. and the high expectations performers place on themselves.  Such concerns often lead to performance anxiety which impairs the quality of performance. 

Initiatives like the 'The Arts Wellbeing Collective' are urging

industry employers to actively support and promote the mental

health and wellbeing of performing arts workers. 

BIO-DASH provides an excellent tool for artistic performers to

improve their wellbeing and acquire evidence-based skills and

strategies to help them decrease stress, manage nerves,

improve focus and motivation, and perform at their best.