How does BIO-DASH work?

BIO-DASH teaches a range of strategies to help individuals to relax, focus, increase motivation, reduce anxiety and perform at their best. The program is tailored to suit specific contexts whether it be in schools, workplaces, sporting teams, performing arts and more.  


A trained BIO-DASH facilitator guides participants through each strategy, step-by-step, so they can effectively learn and hone the necessary skills and techniques. Trialling a variety of strategies allows people to identify those that work best for them and which techniques they like best. With this knowledge, they are more likely to use these techniques every day and help manage stress and promote wellbeing.

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The BIO-DASH program incorporates the latest biofeedback technology. The biofeedback devices used within the program are non-invasive (e.g., attached or held on the outside of the body) and they allow each person to see, in real time, how their internal processes such as brain activity, respiration and skin conductance respond to different strategies. Plus, incorporating a range of devices allows individuals to see how their mental state can impact different physiological processes. Importantly, participants learn the science behind each stress-reduction method which gives them a deeper understanding of the information they receive from the devices.



The BIO-DASH program also incorporates gamification to increase engagement and motivation. Gaming elements such as competition, progressive levels and point scoring help to maintain interest. For example, one BIO-DASH activity involves the use of relaxation strategies to transform an icy, dull forest, into a Summery colourful scene. The aim is to transform the scene as quickly as possible. Greater relaxation levels trigger the scene to transform faster. Other tasks in the BIO-DASH program mimic real world stressors like public speaking and competitive sport.