What is BIO-DASH?

BIO-DASH is an innovative optimal performance and wellbeing program that equips people with strategies to focus, manage stress, and reduce anxiety using biofeedback devices and gaming features.

BIO-DASH has been developed by Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick at the Centre for Wellbeing Science, University of Melbourne which is recognised as an international leading Centre in excellence for wellbeing.


Dianne is passionate about reducing the high prevalence of anxiety and stress and helping individuals to function optimally.


Dianne recognises that it is often a major challenge for many people to engage with and use wellbeing strategies. To address this issue, she developed the scientifically rigourous BIO-DASH program which combines the use of stress-reduction and wellbeing strategies with the latest technology that makes.the experience positive and engaging.  

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Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick, creator of BIO-DASH

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  • Teaches a range of relaxation, focus and health promotion strategies (based on sports, health and wellbeing science)

  • Incorporates dynamic technology that taps into real time information so individuals can see how their bodies respond to wellbeing techniques

  • Uses gaming features to sustain motivation and engagement

  • Allows people to create a personalised wellbeing plan that can be used across different contexts 

A key benefit of BIO-DASH 

Personalisation >

BIO-DASH enables people to identify strategies that work best for them and create their own personalised wellbeing plan

 that can improve FOCUS, RELAXATION and MOTIVATION

and help individuals to perform at their best in a variety of contexts